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Drama League

"The Drama League is dedicated to creating transformative interactions between artists and audiences…above and beyond the performances they experience.  We harness this fruitful, essential engagement of the theater maker and the theater advocate to enhance the professional, personal and creative development of artists; to improve the quality of new work for the stage; and to imbue audiences with a richer, more informed experience.  By working together in a shared passion, we make the theater stronger for generations to come."


Membership Fees:

  • Range from $12/month to $840/month

  • Tax-deductible  

Off-Broadway Alliance

The Off-Broadway Alliance is an organization of Off-Broadway producers, general managers, venue owners, press agents and marketing personnel dedicated to promoting and supporting Off-Broadway theater, encouraging  and assisting new producers, and making live theater increasingly accessible to new and diverse audiences.

There are two different levels at OBA that you can join:

  • Associate Membership is open to all and an Off Broadway credit is not needed.

    • $25.00 (USD)Subscription period: 1 year (No recurring payments)

  • Full Membership is only available to those with an Off Broadway credit.

    • $50.00 (USD)Subscription period: 1 year (No recurring payments)


Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)


SDC is the theatrical union that unites, empowers, and protects professional Stage Directors and Choreographers throughout the United States. Our mission is to foster a national community of professional stage Directors and  Choreographers by protecting the rights, health and livelihoods of all our Members; to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities, while educating the current and future generations about the role of Directors and Choreographers; and to provide effective administrative, negotiating and contractual support.

Full Membership

  • Initiation Fee: $2,000 (effective 1/1/11)

  • Annual Dues: $220 (effective 1/1/14)

  • Working Dues Assessment: 2.5% on all fees and royalties earned under SDC contracts


Associate Member

  • Initiation Fee:  $325  (1/1/13)

  • Annual Dues:  $75 per year (1/1/13)

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